Industrial Advisory Board

Join GLASE today and be part of this leading group and help us to advance the horticultural field. Please contact Erico Mattos, GLASE Executive Director at for membership information.

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides strategic review and counsel to GLASE, contributing to identification of specific industry needs and deciding on new future areas of research and development. Each GLASE Industrial Member is represented on the IAB by one individual (together with a designated alternate). Each GLASE Industrial Member in good standing will have voting rights in the IAB.

The IAB:

  • Receives annual reports of the GLASE consortium
  • Reviews all GLASE research activities and recommends priorities
  • Attends the semi-annual meetings of the GLASE consortium and receives progress reports
  • Forms working groups to advise the GLASE consortium regarding specific areas of relevant technology
  • Elects the IAB Chair and vice-Chair who will coordinate the IAB meetings.