Industry Membership

Join GLASE today and be part of this leading group and help us to advance the horticultural field. Please contact Erico Mattos, GLASE Executive Director at for membership information.

The GLASE consortium Industry Membership is now available! Businesses and organizations related to the CEA industry can join the association under the special membership designation of Industry Member.

In addition to supporting new areas of research, the membership investment will grant industry members immediate access to GLASE-developed technology. Companies interested in advancing the GLASE consortium mission can join our program and enjoy the membership benefits.

Membership Benefits

  • Appointment of one individual and one backup individual to the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Invitation to remotely attend IAB meetings to be held at least quarterly, where updates on the GLASE consortium research activities and accomplishments are presented
  • Early notice of invention disclosures and preferential licensing rights to GLASE conceived and developed intellectual property
  • Access to RPI and Cornell research facilities and researchers
  • Sponsored research opportunities and student projects
  • Access to reports  of GLASE research conducted through the GLASE consortium
  • Access to available educational programs including short courses, distance courses, workshops, training seminars, research symposia, and web-courses offered by and conducted through the GLASE consortium
  • Networking connections with and/or through other GLASE consortium members
  • Attend meetings of the GLASE consortium where results of research programs are reported
  • Reduced registration rates for GLASE events, including research presentations and educational programs
  • Marketing opportunities through GLASE activities, including posting a corporate logo on GLASE website and publicity resulting from specific GLASE Industrial Member

The GLASE consortium is a platform designed to connect the greenhouse industry supply chain bringing together manufacturers, consumers and service providers to foster the development and adoption of new lighting control technologies while increasing awareness among key players and industry stakeholders.

Be part of this leading group and help us to advance the horticultural field. To join GLASE today please contact Erico Mattos, GLASE Executive Director: